Friday, February 7, 2014

Know Yourself. Live Better.

Today marks exactly one year from when I started wearing my Jawbone Up.

In that time, I have taken more than 3 million steps over nearly 1,600 miles. It doesn't matter weather I'm wearing jeans or a suit, it is always on my wrist. I have tan lines from wearing it all summer. I wouldn't want to go another day without it.

When people ask me about my wristband, I usually start by telling them flat out "It will change your life" and I absolutely mean it. Everyone should be wearing something like it, be it a Jawbone or a Fitbit or a Basis. Just having a quantified expression to make you more aware about your activity and your sleep is unbelievably powerful and will change you. The knowledge alone will improve your life - as Jawbone's slogan for the Up says, "Know Yourself. Live Better." There are few things you can own that will have as great an impact on how you live.

Buy one. Wear it everyday. Become aware. Improve your life. Never look back.

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