Monday, May 27, 2013

[ 12 - 21 / 52 ]

やっと (yatto) - Finally, at last

It has literally been several months since my last post. In that time, I have spent spring break in Japan, battled through a deluge of school projects, shown my parents around the Bay Area, and finished my first year of business school. I won't try to make this into a recap of everything that has happened because, quite frankly, it would look like a small book. Though I haven't been posting them regularly, I have still been taking my weekly picture, so I will take the easy way out and share them all in one glorious burst of sexy photography. Descriptions/context can be found on flickr.

Week Twelve:  Let the Lights Lead You Home
Week Twelve

Week Thirteen: Upward and Onward
Week Thirteen

Week Fourteen: Lost and Alone in a Sea of Grey
Week Fourteen

Week Fifteen: Red Wine Stained Skies
Week Fifteen

Week Sixteen: Battle Worn
Week Sixteen

Week Seventeen: Goen ga Aru
Week Seventeen

Week Eighteen: Casting Shadows
Week Eighteen

Week Nineteen: Light Projections
Week Nineteen

Week Twenty: In Season
Week Twenty

Week Twenty-One: Summer is Here
Week Twenty-One