Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Loss

My grandma fast passed away last night. She was just a couple weeks away from turning 89. From what I understand, the end came quickly and wasn't painful.

She liked to wear broaches pinned to her jacket and to drink tea. I often thought she fancied herself similar to the queen of england.

She was the first person I travelled overseas with. We spent two weeks touring England and Wales back when I was in high school.

She always made sure ribs were on the menu at least one night whenever I was around. She knew they were my favorite and hers were particularly delicious.

She once cleaned and cooked live fish the we caught off the pier. She had said she would and kept her word, though she clearly expected that they'd show up dead like fish from the supermarket.

She would use words that nobody else knew when we played scrabble or quiddler. We regularly protested, but the dictionary always proved her right.

She was my friend on Facebook and once scolded me for dropping an f-bomb in my status. She also continued to send me handwritten letters despite knowing how to email.

Her life had more wonderful snippets and stories than I could possibly write down. She will be greatly missed.

I haven't seen my grandma in over five years and was planning on going to the cottage next summer just to see how she was doing. I wish I hadn't waited so long. Don't forget to tell the people who matter to you how much you love them every chance that you get.

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