Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Week Forty-Four: Food for Thought | Thought for Food
Week Forty-Four

My modest collection of food-related books has been slowly growing over the past couple of years. Some of them are full of recipes, others are just about different ways to think about food and cooking. It's pretty rare for me to cook straight out of one of them; they're really mostly for inspiration. I'll flip through them, looking for dishes that catch my eye. I might try a recipe as-is once or twice, but most of the time I just start riffing off whatever the book says and make it my own. The value of the books doesn't lie so much in its function as an instruction manual, but rather in the thought process behind combining ingredients and techniques.

My current collection betrays the amount of Asian-influenced food that I cook. I've long had a love of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. Until recently, they've accounted for the vast majority of meals I make. Lately I've been expanding to more Western food, relying heavily on my subscriptions to Bon Appetit and Fine Cooking for ideas. I'm hoping to add a few more books to this shelf in the coming months and look forward to trying some new things. I think it would be cool to

There's nothing terribly difficult about cooking, it just takes a little practice and thought. Most of my meals come in somewhere between solid and good, but every now and then I make something so delicious that it makes me want to fist-pump at its awesomeness. And the more I learn, the more often those wonderful moments happen.

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