Friday, July 12, 2013

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Week Twenty-Seven: Taste of Summer
Week Twenty-Seven

It turns out that Mark Twain wasn't kidding when he said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." After a glorious May and June where I spent day after day basking in the sun on the back deck, the weather took a sudden turn once July came around. Having always enjoyed warm summer nights, I'm finding it pretty confusing that it's so chilly in the evening despite being the heart of summer.

Fortunately, despite the drop in temperature, there is still tons of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables available in the farmers market every week. Now that I can get breakfast and lunch for free at work, I've started splurging on higher quality produce for dinner. I love walking through the market every Saturday morning, checking out all the amazing food on display. I can't resist corn on the cob (which I have been eating daily for the past couple of weeks) and I've been playing around with summer squash and green beans. So much deliciousness.

The food is obviously great, but there is a flower stand full of amazing colors that always catchs my eye as well. I'd love to have a few stems in vases here and there around the house, though they would certainly look out of place in my current residence. Something to look forward to once I'm done with school and living in a proper apartment...

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