Monday, March 18, 2013

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Week Eleven: Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Week Eleven

I bought these shoes a few years back and have used them as my go-to pair whenever I travel anywhere that takes me a little off the beaten path. They're little more than a thin layer of canvas attached to a thin sole, but they're tough SOBs. They've withstood taifuns in Taiwan, explored the Temples of Angkor Wat, patrolled the streets of Saigon, and much more. Suffice to say, they've taken a bit of a beating.

But none of it was as brutal to them as my trip down to Central America. Our first day out, we headed out to climb one of the volcanoes around Antigua in Guatemala. A little boy at the base told me that my shoes were no good. I laughed an carried on. The shoes survived the volcano. They survived when I ran through jungle forests with them. They survived hiked up mountains and when I went swimming in caves. That little boy couldn't have been more wrong.

They might look a little worse for wear these days, but they're still holding up strong..I'm not sure where my next adventure while be, but I know I can count on these shoes to take me there and back.

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